Fungus From Outer Space

17 Mar

Fungus in my Big Toes transmits my thoughts by radio wave to a television set..there the aliens Transmit voices into the brain that only the victim can hear.

I have heard them since the “Comet of the Century”, Kohoutek came to pass over the Arkansas State Psychiatric Colony… Consequently, in the late spring of 1973, Comet Kohoutek carried fungus from outer space which affected the Water at Haskill, Arkansas, and We Schizophrenics got Fungal Foot and Mind Disease kinda like Hoof and Mouff in Cattle.

I have had thoughts from 1,000,000,000~9th. power Light Years away streaming in live Audio since 1973. They do not scare me or cause psychosis.

Here I have a YouTube Channel dedicated to my Space Radio thoughts…

I rather have become accustomed to my Space Radio broadcasts,

Chapter 14 – Stanford Earth Sciences
The fingual aliens of my youth were green. I think this came ..from a meteoroid..(fungus germ cells that have half a set), but the cells in your big toe are a lot different from the cells in your television set,

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